Don’t have a good Linkedin Profile picture?

Came across an interesting article while I was browsing through Linkedin. Apparently, ” The worst photo faux pas you could do is get stuck without a photo. People with a photo are seven times more likely to get viewed. Don’t lose out because you’re too shy to show your face. What if you were buying a home? Would you make a bid without seeing a photo? Same goes for choosing a new client or connection.” More, here:

This probably explains why I have been getting so many requests of late to take corporate portraits. From my experience, corporate headshots need to be done with some thought and care. Else you can end up looking cheesy, whereas if done right, can make you look like the go-getter sales person of the year (replace sales with HR/ Finance/ Marketing etc etc). Those who’ve seen Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glenross will get my drift.

So yes, the challenge with most corporate portraits is to give you enough gravitas, but also to make you look approachable, and of course with great lighting. I love this challenge!

Now you’re interested and would like to know more about getting a corporate portrait done? Read on:

- I have a fully equipped home studio with lights, backdrops, changing room, restroom and all the other facilities which I use for my fashion and portraiture work, as well as for those seeking corporate portraits.

- Please fix up a date with me at least 4 days in advance.

- A corporate makeover session starts at SGD 290. 

- I definitely recommend going for a “natural” look as far as makeup is concerned. If the hair needs to be done up, please visit a hair salon prior to the shoot:-)

- Clothes- Your finest corporate wear! The studio is airconditioned, so if you think you look good in a suit, bring it along. ideally bring along at least three changes of clothing, with a mix of light and dark coloured clothes. Preferably in plain colours (no loud patterns or screaming stripes!).

Additional questions, I’ll be more than happy to them- please feel free to contact me on


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